Our Story

Vic and Ric now

     Our journey with CBD stems back five years when Vic was faced with the biggest obstacle yet, fighting for his life. Vic is Canna-Vita's President's older brother who has Cerebral Palsy. By the time Vic was 23 years old, he had already undergone eight surgeries ranging from hip replacement, Baclofen pump replacement, eye surgery-- this being the first at just eighteen months old. The great fight for his life, in fact, was not the first overdose due to complications with his Intrathecal Baclofen Pump (Baclofen is a muscle relaxant medicine commonly used to decrease spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological complications.) After watching his older brother helplessly go in and out of withdrawals for the Baclofen medication, he decided that if he could not get Vic off the Baclofen completely, he was going to influence the amount his brother was already dependent on. In the midst of confronting that emotional and unforgettable experience, they turned to CBD in desperation for an alternative. We concluded that Vic was much more spastic without CBD as opposed to when he had consumed CBD. Although Vic is still on Baclofen today, the medication dosage has continuously decreased rather than increased and we attribute the influence to the healing power of CBD.